Rocking Chair Kids

Young children love a story they can interact with. Rocking Chair Kids books are perfect for read-aloud and one-on-one reading. This new series supports a child's feelings about growing up. Ideal for ages 3 to 6.    PreK-Gr 1 Schools & Libraries... Details
The 4-book Seasons picture book set introduces and reinforces elements of the seasons for young children on their way to preschool or kindergarten. Ages 3 to 6     PreK-Gr 1 Schools & Libraries Available from our distributor Lerner Publishing. 4... Details
Each book in the 5-book set focuses on a basic concept children need for pre-school.   Recognizing Colors Counting 0-10 Recognizing Shapes Sequencing Recognizing Patterns Ages 3-5 Interest Level: PreK-Gr 1  Reading Level: Adult Directed/Grade 1  ... Details
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