Funny Bone Books: First Chapters

Funny Bone readers are growing up.

The new Funny Bone Books: First Chapters are perfect for young readers transitioning to longer stories. First up are the Ick and Crud books ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 words with 3 to 4 chapters each.  Every page is illustrated in engaging full-color to motivate readers. Books 1-4 available now.  

Coming soon!  

The Jupiter Twins (Books 1-4) with 850 to 1,200 words each. Trudy and Tina are twins and best friends. Trudy loves adventure, and Tina is happy to go along for the ride --as long as it's a smooth ride, but it never is!  Learn more here.

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Funny Bone

Funny Bone

Easy introductions to Chapter Books Ick and Crud are best buddies. Some days they like to snooze the day away. On other days they find adventure in everything they do. Join the fun with Ick, Crud, Bob the human, Miss Puffy and the whole neighborhood...