A Kids' Guide to People and Places

Aligned with primary social studies topics, children read about

  • the heroes around us,
  • the places that make any town or city a community, and
  • why it's important to care about our communities.

Start Smart: Community books build a foundation for good citizenship and a lifetime of community involvement.

Book features: Full-color photographs & captions, illustrated sidebars and fun facts, Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, Further Reading, What Did You Learn checklists.

Dewey: 300    Reading Level: Grade 2    Interest Level: Grades 1-3    Ages 6-9



REVIEWS:  "The series underscores the importance of education and training for specific careers and allows readers to see their own place in society...narratives are clear, well flowing, and informative. Verdict: A useful series that deals with community issues in an engaging way."   Series Made Simple, Fall 2015. 

"All the books contain straightforward text sprinkled with 'fun facts' and a colorful design..."  Booklist, Sept 1, 2015.


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Start Smart Books

Children build social studies vocabulary while learning how communities of all sizes are alike. Book features:  Charts, Graphs, Diagrams; Full-color photographs and illustrations, Glossary, Table of Contents, Index, Further Reading, Sidebars and Fun...