Red Chair Press Books for Young Readers

Kids know exercise is good for them. But they might not know there are different kinds of exercise. Each helps the body in different ways. These two easy-to-follow books provide step-by-step guides for safe exercise and a lifetime of fitness. Side... Details
Personal Power is the ability to think and make decisions that help us succeed in all things. This four-book set guides readers to learn mindfulness skills and build personal power to feel secure and confident. The series presents a positive... Details
America's Favorite AstroCat is back!   Come along as Space Cat and her pal Dog show how scientists use both creative and scientific thinking plus tools and technology to adapt the natural world to help solve problems. Like Space Cat, scientists and... Details
Imagine That! Science that's fun! As broad as a child's imagination, IMAGINE THAT! books take readers on exciting journeys. Along the way, scientific facts are presented. Each science storybook ends with much more in Fact Files of graphs, diagrams,... Details
Not for bedtime reading!For 'giggling and cringing' Traditional and familiar fairy tales retold with surprising twists and turns. This rich collection has been retold for the bravest young readers. Beautifully & originally illustrated; a 10-book... Details
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