Core Content: Social Studies

Core Content: Social Studies  What do careers in construction, sports, or the theatre have in common?  With this new Core Content series readers will go On The Job to learn first-hand how workers in each of these fields use STEM skills. Key steps to Getting the Job are also... Details
Core Content: Social Studies Discover the story behind some of the most popular places where kids like to spend their time. From amusement parks to zoos, there are amazing stories and lots to learn about the social and cultural history of some of kids' favorite places. Each... Details
Core Content: Social Studies History books tell us facts about big events. Hidden History books share with readers the important roles various men and women played in our nation's history as spies -- hidden in plain sight. Ages 8 to 12   Grades 2 to 5     Reading Level 3     32... Details
Core Content: Social Studies Learn the story behind ten iconic symbols of America. Experience the history of some of the most important sites and symbols of the United States of America. Learn about natural wonders and human-made monuments and discover why they are still... Details
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