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Core Content Library: Social Studies Learn the story behind ten iconic symbols of America. Experience the history of some of the most important sites and symbols of the United States of America. Learn about natural wonders and human-made monuments and discover why they are still... Details
  Recommended* "Overall, high on incorporating STEM skills but with an engagaging holistic element to it as well.  Career offshoots students of all abilities." -- SLJ Series Made Simple*  Fall 2016     What do careers in construction,... Details
Core Content Library: Science/Health Some things we take for granted are critical to the way we live. Think about how different your life would be without a computer or television. Can you imagine life with no cars or planes? And imagine if supermarkets had only half the amount of... Details
Core Content Library: Social Studies In 1941, on the eve of the nation's entry into World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to Congress and the world. In the speech, he outlined four universal freedoms that people around the world deserved. The Four Freedoms shows why these... Details
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