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Start Smart Books Playing a sport can be fun. Plus, it's great exercise. Being part of a team, or just playing with friends, is more fun for everyone when you know the rules of the game and how to be a good sport. Now young readers can Start Smart in sports with... Details
Start Smart Books Discover how Communities are alike and how they differ Children build social studies vocabulary and skills while learning how communities of all sizes are alike. Book features:  Charts, Graphs, Diagrams; Full-color photographs and illustrations,... Details
Early nonfiction for grades 1-3 Start Smart Books feature: engaging full-color photograhs lively and engaging illustrations sidebars, charts & graphs fun-facts and special features Table of Contents Glossary and Index Resource list for more... Details
Start Smart Books Children learn about good dietary habits, the benefits of physical activity, keys to good hygiene, and how to live a lifetime of wellness. Readers build science and social studies vocabulary while learning key health and wellness skills. Ages 6-9  ... Details
Start Smart Books The 4-book paperback set provides an age-appropriate introduction to financial literacy for ages 5 to 8. Children will learn the basic concepts of earning, saving, spending and sharing. Each book shows children how to make decisions in their daily... Details
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