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Ghosts and goblins, monsters and mice. What will readers discover from A to Z in the Halloween Haunted House?Richly illustrated picture book. Ages 4 to 7   Grades PK-1  Reading level 1   32 pages   10" x 8" Hardcover: 978-1-63440-876-9 $17.99 (List... Details
Personal Power is the ability to think and make decisions that help us succeed in all things. This four-book set guides readers to learn mindfulness skills and build personal power to feel secure and confident. The series presents a positive... Details
Red Chair Press Books for Young Readers Some of our most popular and award-winning books for ages 7 to 10 featuring illustrated fiction, picture books, and curriculum-aligned nonfiction.   Details
Core Content Library: Reading Not for bedtime reading! Traditional and familiar fairy tales retold with surprising twists and turns. This rich collection has been retold for the bravest young readers. Beautifully & originally illustrated; a 10-book set for the bravest young... Details
Family can be defined in a variety of ways. And even when family means you're loved and protected, young boys and girls feel the family's challenges more than adults may think. Family Snaps are humorous and sympathetically told stories providing a... Details
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