Environmental Science for Ages 8-12









Our planet is a beautiful place, OUR GREEN EARTH celebrates the beauty and diversity of Earth while exploring some of the key risks and challenges to our environment. Each book looks at environmntal problems, both natural and man-made, and gives readers insights into solutions for resolving and preventing the problems.

  • Face Off lets readers think about different points of view
  • Try It Out provides step-by-step ideas for taking action
  • Graphs, charts, maps, and sidebars psent content in alternate ways
  • On the Job pofiles give an up-close-look at relevant careers.

Reading Level: Grade 3    Interest Level: Grades 2-4

EDUCATORS: This series is correlated to the Common Core State Standards

Cause/effect, Sequencing, Compare & contrast key details, anayze different Points of view,  
builds Academic vocabulary      


Reviews for this series:


Environmental issues are a constant and growing concern, so it’s important for children to become aware of how they can become responsible for taking care of the world around them. This series helps achieve that goal by stressing the old adage “reduce, reuse, recycle” as well as by discussing modern concerns and possible solutions to problems like global warming, carbon footprints, dependency on oil, and endangered species. Complex concepts are presented with clear language. Color charts, graphics, text boxes, and photos all work together to provide information in an appealing way… A solid, engaging series that makes the topic interesting and accessible to young readers.

--  SLJ Series Made Simple |  April 2014