Core Content Library: Social Studies History books tell us facts about big events. Hidden History books share with readers the important roles various men and women played in our nation's history as spies -- hidden in plain sight. Ages 8 to 12   Interest Level Gr 2 to 5 / Reading Level... Details
Funny Bone Easy introductions to Chapter Books Trudy and Tina are best friends. They are also twins. Trudy loves adventure and Tina is happy to go along for the ride -- as long as it's a smooth ride! Funny Bone Books: First Chapters are perfect for young... Details
Rocking Chair Kids Young children love a story they can interact with. Rocking Chair Kids books are perfect for read-alouds and one-on-one reading. This new series supports a child's feelings about growing up. Ideal for ages 3 to 6.    PreK-Gr 1 Schools &... Details
Funny Bone Easy introductions to Chapter Books Ick and Crud are best buddies. Some days they like to snooze the day away. On other days they find adventure in everything they do. Join the fun with Ick, Crud, Bob the human, Miss Puffy and the whole neighborhood... Details
Core Content Library: Social Studies Learn the story behind ten iconic symbols of America. Experience the history of some of the most important sites and symbols of the United States of America. Learn about natural wonders and human-made monuments and discover why they are still... Details
America's Favorite AstroCat is back!   Come along as Space Cat and her pal Dog show how scientists use creative thinking to adapt the natural world to help them meet their needs or wants. Like Space Cat, scientists and Engineers never give up! All... Details
Start Smart Books A Child's Guide to Being a Good Sport Playing a sport can be a lot of fun. Plus, it's great exercise. Being part of a team, or just playing with friends, is more fun for everyone when you know the rules of the game and how to be a good sport. Now... Details
Core Content Library: Science/Health Imagine That! Science that's fun! As broad as a child's imagination, IMAGINE THAT! books take readers on exciting journeys. Along the way, scientific facts are presented. Each science storybook ends with much more in Fact Files of graphs, diagrams,... Details
Not for bedtime reading! Traditional and familiar fairy tales retold with surprising twists and turns. This rich collection has been retold for the bravest young readers. Beautifully & originally illustrated; a 10-book set for the bravest young... Details
Rocking Chair Kids The 4-book Seasons picture book set introduces and reinforces elements of the seasons for young children on their way to preschool or kindergarten. Ages 3 to 6     PreK-Gr 1 Schools & Libraries 4-book Hardcover Set: 978-1-5124-1809-5 $101.28 (... Details


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