Colorful or dull? Wings up or wings down? Active at night or prefers daylight. Is it a moth or a butterfly? Discover how these beautiful insects are alike and how they differ. Individual hardcover: 978-1-63440-210-1$23.99 (list) / $17.99 (S&L)... Details
Thick fur. Thin face or wide face? Long howls or short yips? Is it a wolf or a coyote? Learn how these beautiful wild creatures are alike and how they differ. Individual hardcover: 978-163440-291-0$23.99 / $17.99 (S&L) multiuser ebook edition... Details
Webbed feet. Slimy or dry. Lives on dry land or in water. Is it a frog or a toad? Learn how these cold-blooded animals are alike and how they differ. Individual hardcover: 978-1-63440-211-8$23.99 (list) / $17.99 (S&L) multiuser ebook edition... Details
Quills or spines? Pets or pests? Is it a porcupine or a hedgehog? Discover how these spiky mammals are alike and how they differ. Individual hardcover: 978-1-63440-213-2$23.99 (list) / $17.99 (S&L) multi-user ebook edition also available... Details
Long snout. Big teeth. Hard scales. Lives in warm climates. Is it an alligator or a crocodile?  Learn how these beasts from the age of dinosaurs are alike and how they differ. Individual hardcover: 978-1-63440-209-5$23.99 (list) / $17.99 (S&L)... Details
Long floppy ears. Big teeth. Running or hopping. Is it a rabbit or a hare? Learn how these popular and cuddly animals are alike and how they differ.  Individual hardcover: 978-1-63440-212-5$23.99 (list) / $17.99 (S&L) multi-user ebook edition... Details
Rocking Chair Kids Young children love a story they can interact with. Rocking Chair Kids books are perfect for read-alouds and one-on-one reading. This new series supports a child's feelings about growing up. Ideal for ages 3 to 6.    PreK-Gr 1 Find at your favorite... Details
Core Content Library: Science/Health Some things we take for granted are critical to the way we live. Think about how different your life would be without a computer or television. Can you imagine life with no cars or planes? And imagine if supermarkets had only half the amount of... Details
Family can be defined in a variety of ways. And even when family means you're loved and protected, young boys and girls feel the family's challenges more than adults may think. Family Snaps are humorous and sympathetically told stories providing a... Details
Start Smart Books The 4-book paperback set provides an age-appropriate introduction to financial literacy for ages 5 to 8. Children will learn the basic concepts of earning, saving, spending and sharing. Each book shows children how to make decisions in their daily... Details
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