The Olympic and Paralympic Games are showcases of the world’s best athletes. These events feature the best of individual competition and team sports for athletes of all abilities. Gold Medal Games provides historical context for the ancient and... Details
A fun and entertaining way for readers to explore a new topic, broaden their knowledge on a favorite subject, or just have a few laughs. Each title presents 50 facts that go beyond the basics to engage readers with unexpected and amusing insights... Details
A child’s role model may be a parent, grandparent or sibling. Some people who do things that make life better for others can be a role model. And some people are role models because they show us how to overcome challenges. Covers important figures... Details
ON SALE NOW! Set in the Dakota Territory of the 1890s, against the backdrop of Wounded Knee. Red Dove is the tale of a young girl caught between worlds, and the value of empathy. Abandoned by her white father, Red Dove faces a lean winter with her... Details
ON SALE NOW! When his new teacher announces that all 3rd graders must read in front of everyone at Parents Night, Trevor Lee and his best friend Pinky take action. After several over-the-top attempts to get put of Parents Night, Trevor Lee enlists... Details
ON SALE NOW! A Calf Named Brian HigginsAn Adventure in Rural Kenya Thirteen-year-old Hannah Higgins is convinced her summer is ruined when she is forced to travel to Africa and work in a remote village in Kenya with her mom and uncle. Never having... Details
Core Content Library: Science and STEM Packed with unusual and unexpected facts about a variety of animals, these books are sure to attract readers' attention. Eye-popping photos add to each book's appeal and draw readers in to learn more about Earth's Amazing Animals. Ages 8 to 12  ... Details
The alphabet is all around us.  With this new richly colored picture book eries, the ABCs lead readers on an adventure through each season: Spring in the forest, Summer at the beach, Fall at a haunted house, and Winter on skis. Ages 4 to 7   Grades... Details
Challenge readers to identify people, plants, animals, objects, and structures from an extreme close-up of each one. An accompanying riddle provides clues. The complete image is then revealed along with interesting facts. Ages 4 to 8   Grades PK-2... Details
How do you travel from home to school? You might go by car or bus. But 200 years ago, people used horses. Compare modes of transportation from yesterday to today and imagine ways kids will travel 200 years from now. Ages 4 to 8   Grades PK-2  ... Details


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